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Dr. Jentschura's 7x7AlkaHerb®

100 grams will create 36 litres of tea

$14.95 CAD
$14.95 USD
50 bags
50 bags will create 50 cups of tea

$17.95 CAD
$17.95 USD
100 bags
100 bags will create 100 cups of tea

$32.95 CAD
$32.95 USD
  • Made of 49 carefully selected ingredients from organic farming
  • A unique herbal formula with 49 different herbs based on decades of research of German naturopaths
  • Contains all elements of nature that easily purify and cleanse skin, mucous membranes, cells, tissues, muscles and organs
  • The ideal complement to detox or cellulite regimens, fasting or dieting
  • Can be enjoyed each and every day together with sufficient still water
  • Aids digestion
  • Can be savoured warm in winter or cool in summertime
  • Very tasty without sugar or sweetener
  • Available as loose tea powder and as practical filter bags

We find that AlkaHerb is the most efficient detox tea available because with its 49 ingredients it cleans and purifies your skin, mucous membranes, tissues, muscles, joints and organs.

If there are a lot of toxins to be released and eliminated from the body, you can also drink several litres each day for a longer period of time.

Please find out for yourself!

Dr. Jentschura is official supplier and consultant
for the Austrian Olympic Ski Team.

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