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Dr. Jentschura's AlkaBath® - Natural Alkaline Body Care

15 full baths and 100 foot baths or 300 alkaline stockings/face masks/cuffs

$29.95 CAD
$29.95 USD
30 full baths and 200 foot baths or 600 alkaline stockings/face masks/cuffs

$49.95 CAD
$49.95 USD
60 full baths and 400 foot baths or 1200 alkaline stockings/face masks/cuffs

$85.95 CAD
$85.95 USD
  • Creates the highest PH-level of all bath salts
  • Detoxify and cleanse your body by stimulating the skin and the mucous membranes to eliminate acids and toxins
  • Activate the self-oiling process of the skin
  • Tighten loose tissue
  • Calm and care for irritated or overexposed and sunburned skin
  • Relax your body after sports by eliminating the lactic acid
  • Support regeneration
  • Purifies your body by stimulating the skin and the mucous membranes to eliminate acids and toxins
  • Calms and cares for irritated skin
  • Feel the energy from the 8 precious stones: Agate, Carneol, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Chalcedony, Sapphire, Rock Crystal, Onyx
  • AlkaBath® is extremely versatile. It can be used in alkaline full and foot baths, compresses, rinses, for inhalations, dental care and with alkaline face masks, alkaline stockings, sleeves or cuffs.
  • It is suited even for babies and children!
  • Pamper your kids with a soothing bath!
  • Experience well circulated skin that is soft and silky to the touch!
  • Enhance your overall sense of well being!
  • Attention: Please be careful exposing damaged skin to AlkaBath. In such a case Dr. Jentschura recommends indirect cleansing: e.g. if you have damaged skin on your feet, you should use Dr. Jentschura’s wraps on your calves to pull toxins/acids out of the infected area(s).
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Did you know? Babies, known for their incredible soft skin, bath for 9 months in alkaline water with a pH level of 8.5 in their mother's wombs. AlkaBath creates the same alkalinity, and that's why we like you to take care of your skin with AlkaBath.

Incredible: No more sore muscles! How? Mineralise your body 3 hours before your activities with WurzelKraft, our food granules made out of 100 plants.

After sports have a long relaxing bath with AlkaBath. The alkalinity of the bathing water will remove pain creating toxins through the skin. You will love it.

Dr. Jentschura's BasenSchauer® - Natural Alkaline Body Care

250 ml
$35.95 CAD
$35.95 USD

BasenSchauer with a pH-level of 7.5 harmonizes, vitalizes, and refreshes the whole body. Moisturizing Aloe Vera, natural minerals, and essential oils cultivate the skin intensely and support all of its functions. Your skin feels velvety. The refreshing scent of selected oils treats your senses. Exquisite herbal extracts such as birch, Melissa leaves, as well as hop blossoms ensure a soothing and balanced skin.

This high-quality shower gel is energetically upgraded by Dr. Jentschura's crystal stones from MeineBase. In addition, there is a small rock crystal in each bottle. It is considered one of the most important gemstones and brings clarity and vitality. According to Hildegard von Bingen, this healing stone stands for strength and endurance.

Apply an almond-sized amount into the palm, rub and spread it with circular movements on the moist skin.
Alkaline shower gel with minerals, herbal extracts, and camphor
  • Alkaline pH-level 7.5
  • 8 precious stones for high regenerative power
  • Healing properties with Aloe Vera
  • Essential oils
  • Skin compatibility also confirmed for sensitive skin with dermatological expertise
  • Certified natural cosmetic
  • Free of parabenes, PEGs, paraffins and silicones
  • Without synthetic colorings and fragrances
  • Great for athletes

Dr. Jentschura's AlkalineStockings®

2 inner and 2 outer stockings
$49.95 CAD
$49.95 USD
Alkaline Stockings help combat cellulite, help you fall asleep more easily at night & stay asleep through the night, stops sweating at night and helps the appearance of legs and feet.

They work by absorbing the acidity released overnight and can be used during the day is desired for as long as desired.

According to the principle of osmosis they allow the excretion of acids and toxic substances through the skin. The stockings are soaked in an alkaline solution (using AlkaBath) before application.

AlkalineStockings enable you to remove acids and toxins each and every night. We also recommend them highly to aid in removal of cellulite.
Package contains 1 pair of inner stockings made of 100% cotton & 1 pair of outer stockings made of 100% virgin wool.

Sorry, but this is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dr. Jentschura's Alkaline BodyWrap

Size 1
For waist size less than 88 cm
$89.95 CAD
$89.95 USD
Size 2
For waist size 88–120 cm
$89.95 CAD
$89.95 USD
Size 3
For waist size 121–160 cm
$89.95 CAD
$89.95 USD
The Alkaline BodyWrap is highly useful in cleansing and regeneration treatments. Acids/toxins are released via your skin using the Principle of Osmosis. Just use Dr. Jentschura's AlkaBath and water to create an alkaline solution with the pH-level of 8.5. Simply wash and enjoy lots of applications.

Sprinkle and thoroughly dissolve one level teaspoon of AlkaBath in about 1/2 liter of warm water. Submerge the inlay cushion in the solution, soak and wring out thoroughly Put the inlay cushion into the opening provided in the wrap. On areas of the body which like warmth, e.g. the kidneys, an additional heat source (e.g. hot water bottle) can be placed behind the inlay cushion.

Fasten the Alkaline BodyWrap with the attached ribbons. Thanks to the ribbons, the Alkaline BodyWrap can be worn during the day or night underneath clothing. This means that it can be worn whilst resting or on the move. The wrap can be worn for as long as it feels comfortable. Once prepared, place the Alkaline BodyWrap around the torso with the part containing the moist inlay cushion on the middle or upper part of the back, on the kidneys in the lower back, on the stomach or chest or on the liver in the right upper abdomen depending on your chosen area of application.

100% Cotton Gauze, Made in Germany, Certified Non-Toxic Eco Standard 100

Package Includes 75g of Dr. Jentschura's AlkaBath

Helps to relieve and relax your stomach, back and chest.

Sorry, but this is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dr. Jentschura's Alkaline Neck and Forehead Wrap

One Size
$44.95 CAD
$44.95 USD
As the skin on the neck is particularly sensitive, it dries out easily which in turn leads to the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles when we get older. This area can thus particularly benefit from alkaline care. The forehead wrap can noticeably relax the forehead, which is often overtaxed with mental strain. In history, warm wraps were often used to relieve head and neck pain.

Sprinkle and thoroughly dissolve one level teaspoon of AlkaBath in about 1/2 liter of warm water. Submerge the narrow half of the NeckWrap in the solution so that the moistened end can be wrapped around the neck once. Then wring out the damp section thoroughly until it no longer drips Place the narrow, damp part of the wrap around the neck or forehead and wrap it around with the wider, dry part. Take the tapes attached to the ends of the wrap in opposite directions around the neck/forehead and tie in a knot.

100 % Cotton Gauze, One Size, Made in Germany, Certified Non-Toxic Eco-Standard 100

Package Includes 75g Of Dr. Jentschura's AlkaBath

Effective cleaning and care of neck, head and forehead

Helps to relieve and relax your neck, head and back

Sorry, but this is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dr. Jentschura's Alkaline Armpit Cushion

Size 2
81-95 cm
$84.95 CAD
$84.95 USD
Size 3
96-110 cm
$84.95 CAD
$84.95 USD
If you realize what we human beings eat, drink and do these days, it is no wonder that our eliminations sometimes smell strong and unpleasant. The Alkaline ArmpitCushions absorb the sweat from the armpits and help give you a confident appearance at work, leisure time or when doing sports.

Sprinkle and thoroughly dissolve one level teaspoon of AlkaBath in about 1/2 liter of either warm or cold water.

Place and carefully soak two armpit cushions in the solution. Wring out thoroughly until they no longer drip. Then attach both cushions to the shoulder belt using the press buttons. Place the belt around the stomach and secure. Using both hands pull it over the head, so that the fastening is located at the back. Finally, place the cushions under the armpits. Depending on your individual needs, the Alkaline ArmpitCushions can be worn dry or soaked in the solution during the day underneath your clothes. At night we recommend that you wear them damp underneath your nightwear. The cushions can be changed several times during the day or night as required.

ArmpitCushions 100 % Cotton Gauze

Package Includes 75g Of Dr. Jentschura's AlkaBath

For long lasting freshness.

Sorry, but this is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dr. Jentschura's AlkalineCuffs®

2 inner and 2 outer cuffs
$39.95 CAD
$39.95 USD
AlkalineCuffs allow you to detox all day – even while sports and during work.

You can wear elastic AlcalineCuffs on your arms and legs day and also at night. They give you the freedom to do anything and at the same time increase your wellness.

AlkalineCuffs work the same way like AlkalineStockings.

AlkalineCuffs give you the freedom to pursue your daily activities while increasing your alkaline health.

Sorry, but this is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Dr. Jentschura's Alkaline Fleece Mask

10 pieces
$21.95 CAD
$21.95 USD
50 pieces
$99.95 CAD
$99.95 USD
Ultra-thin fleece mask which is used with AlkaBath alkaline bath salts to make alkaline masks for the face, throat and decolletage. A pinch of AlkaBath is added to 30–40ml of warm water to prepare an alkaline solution with a pH value of approx. 8.5. A fleece mask is placed into this solution.

Once the fleece is thoroughly soaked, it should be removed and squeezed until no more water drips out of it.

The damp mask is then applied to clean skin for approx. 20 minutes, e.g. during an alkaline bath. During applications outside of the bathtub face, throat and decolletage should be kept warm and dry.

The alkalinity of this face mask causes acids and harmful substances to be eliminated through the sebaceous glands and sweat glands and therefore has a self-oiling and regenerating effect on the skin.

Treat yourself with a great spa experience at home!

Dr. H.C. Jentschura pH-Strips

100 pieces, pH 4.5 – 10
$25.95 CAD
$25.95 USD
The pH-value of urine, saliva, beverages and other liquids can be easily and quickly measured using Dr. h.c. Jentschura's high quality pH indicator strips. It is interesting to measure and compare the pH-values of alkaline bath water before and after bathing.

In order to measure the pH-value, dip a strip in the liquid until it stops changing colour. The pH-value can be determined using the enclosed colour scale.

A quick and easy way to test pH levels.

Dr. Jentschura is official supplier and consultant
for the Austrian Olympic Ski Team.

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