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Excerpt from Dr. h.c. Jentschura's book "Health by Purification"

Our blood needs to keep its alkalinity…

Our blood connects the 37 trillion cells in our body to make up a meaningful whole. For its many diverse functions, blood requires an alkaline pH value between 7.35 and 7.45. Only within this alkaline range blood flows optimally, nourishes cells and keeps the body cleansed.

All of our foods and drinks have either alkaline or acid generating effects in our bodies. Due to our modern fast food and living civilization most of the food we eat barely deserves to be called "nourishing”. It is often mass-produced, pre-cooked, frozen or pre-processed in one or another way. The ingredients in these products often originate from monocultures grown in impoverished soil. These types of foods lack essential nutrients and do not provide us with the vital energy that we need. This lack of nutrients especially minerals causes the fact that most of our food is acid generating…

What deteriorates our health and beauty?

Harmful amounts of acids and toxins are accumulated in our bodies. Alkaline neutralizing nutrients in the form of natural, energy-rich minerals and trace elements are barely even contained in processed, concentrated foods, and are instead replaced by horrendous amounts of "empty" calories. The overview shows just a few typical acid-inflated, nutrient destroying foods, drinks and energy-consuming behavior:

Meat and meat products Uric acid
Pork Sulphuric and nitric acid
Sweets, Sugar, White flour Acetic acid
Artificial sweeteners Formic acid
Soft drinks Phosphoric acid
Coffee, black tea, red wine Tannic acid
Pain relievers Acetylsalicylic acid
Physical overexertion Lactic acid
Stress, anger Hydrochloric acid

One of the chief principles of metabolism is keeping the pH value of blood and the balance between acids and bases stable.

If the pH-value of blood drops by the slightest amount, then the blood will become thicker and clotted (the coin rolling phenomenon of red blood cells). The functions of providing the cells with oxygen and nutrients as well as of removing and eliminating toxins are impaired. Acids, toxins and other harmful substances then build up in the body. The acid-base regulation looses its balance. It is the basis for all metabolic processes and functions in the body, as e.g. hormones, enzymes and our immune systems cannot function in an overly acidic environment. The human body reacts to decreases in Ph values with the following symptoms:

1. Structural damage

An excess of acids and toxins deteriorates our cells, tissues and organs, as well as our joints and bones. The observed deterioration is often accompanied by inflammatory processes, such as e.g. tonsillitis, gastritis or diabetes. Acids and toxins threaten to bring our vital acid-base equilibrium out of balance. In order not to be deteriorated and destroyed by acids and toxins, our bodies neutralize them with the help of energy-rich, alkaline-generating vitamins and minerals. Due to an excess of acids and toxins and the lack of nutrients in foods today, the body must often consume or depend on its own mineral reserves. Acids and toxins consume the mineral reserves in our skin, hair, teeth, joints and bones and, with results such as hair loss and osteoporosis, also have negative effects on our health and beauty.

2. Elimination

Neutral salts result from neutralizing acids and toxins with the help of alkaline-generating minerals. However our usual elimination organs (kidneys, intestine and lungs) cannot simply eliminate large amounts of acids and toxins or the resulting neutral salts as they please. Each of these organs has a very specific elimination function as well as capacity which cannot be exceeded due to an existing protective mechanism, as it would then lead to the deterioration and contamination of these organs.

Skin problems – in order to prevent that from happening, the human body increasingly takes care of elimination
through the skin. However the skin does not have a natural protective mechanism. Depending on the sensitivity or concentration and aggressiveness of the acids and toxins, the skin becomes excessively stressed and irritated. Signs of this include body odor, sweat, pimples, acne, eczema, furuncles, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, allergies and stasis ulcers.

Fungi and yeasts – The acidic or even toxic environment on the skin and mucous membranes resulting from elimination creates ideal conditions for the growth of skin and nail fungi as well as intestinal and vaginal yeasts. They start to grown in areas with acidity levels between pH 3.5 and pH 5.5. The growth of yeasts and fungi are both the results and symptoms of an overly acidic and contaminated body. In natural medicine, fungi and yeasts are referred to as so-called "acid and toxin eaters”. They will disappear once the acidic environment of the skin, their ideal feeding grounds, is corrected by alkaline-generating nutrients on the inside and alkaline-cleansing on the outside.

3. Deposition of impurities

Our bodies neutralize acids and toxins that cannot be eliminated through the kidneys, intestine, lungs or through the skin and mucous membranes with minerals, turning them into neutral salts. Since they can only be eliminated to a certain extent, the body must store them as residue bound to water and fat. For many women these residue deposits come in the form of cellulite, e.g. on the upper thighs, bottom and hips. "Gout” is a result of uric acid calcium deposits after years of consuming too much animal protein. Other deposits can manifest themselves as rheumatism, gallstones, kidney stones or bladder stones, lipoma, fibroma, etc. Not drinking enough fluids, lack of exercise, poor circulation and low body temperature promote the depositing of impurities. Over-acidity can manifest itself in different ways. Look for yourself: Many signs of over-acidity or contamination can be seen externally, i.e. on the face and head, on our skin and mucous membranes. Hair loss, pimples, sweating, itching, fungi and yeast infections, liver spots, etc. are unmistakable signs of contamination, acidification or residue deposit build-up.

The desposition of impurities takes place according to the "Hierarchy of Vitality”, which has been studied by Dr. Peter Jentschura and Josef Lohkämper. It first occurs in fat tissue, then in connective tissue, then in the muscles.

If these "depositories” are full, then additional build-up can occur in the joints, fibrous capsules and in the kidneys, bladder and gallbladder, and subsequently in other organs, finishing in the heart and brain. Because the hands, feet, knees, ankles and knuckles as well as the neck and shoulder area have lower temperatures than the mid-region of the body, residue is deposited in these peripheral spots first. The least water-soluble salts, such as uric acid, oxalic acid and tannic acid salts are deposited first.
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What is aging?

Modern lifestyles and eating habits strain our metabolism with large amounts of acids and toxins. They lead to deteriorations, mineral consumption, elimination problems and build-up of impurity deposits. They have negative effects on our health and beauty and we age too quickly. Even young men may begin to experience hair loss. Many young girls already have cellulite. Aging today is marked by deteriorating diseases like diabetes and by the loss of minerals in our skin and hair, in our teeth and nails, in our bones and cartilage, and in our tendons and joints. All of these mineral reserves are the pillars of our health and beauty. Aging today is also marked by elimination problems like sweating and pimples, neurodermatitis and acne as well as various forms of impurity deposit build-up such as cellulite, gout, rheumatism and kidney or bladder stones. It is now time for us to think about how we can maintain our health and beauty over the course of our lives, simply by practicing specific behavioral, nutritional, body care and lifestyle habits. Such habits are currently not being practiced by most people today. Aging should not mean being unwell for longer than previous generations, but instead remaining beautiful and healthy for longer in the future.

What is real beauty and health?

Physical health means that the cells, tissues and organs are free of acids, toxins and impurity deposits while at the same time having full vitamin and mineral reserves. Allowing these reserves to remain untouched for as long as possible is the best prerequisite for permanently staying healthy and beautiful. If all cells, tissues and organs have a sufficient reserve of nutrient potential, they are then able to continuously regenerate themselves, defend against and eliminate toxic substances.

How can I stay beautiful and healthy?

Avoid all harmful things! The primary prerequisite for long-lasting health and beauty is to reduce or, even better, avoid the acid-generating lifestyle habits previously mentioned (e.g. too much stress, excess exercise, acidic and acid-generating eating habits that include too much protein, animals fats, sugar and sweets, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and additive-enriched, pre-processed foods) and replace them with an alkaline-generating, primarily wholesome vegetarian diet. For millions of years we have needed the nutrients of plants for our health and beauty.

Eat, drink and do beneficial things!

Through a primarily wholesome vegetarian and therefore mineral-enriched, alkaline-generating diet with lots of vegetables, some fruit and omni-molecular (complete) plant-derived foods, we can make sure that our bodies’ own mineral reserves remain well filled. This in turn ensures that our beauty and heath will be maintained for the long-term. Alen, Spirulina, WurzelKraft and similar products are such kinds of omni-molecular foods derived from numerous plants. The great number of nutrients contained in these food products gave them their name: Latin omnes = all; all molecules = omnimolecular.

Drinking approximately 1 liter of non-carbonated water and ½ - 1 liter or more of herbal tea does a good job of thoroughly cleansing the human body and its elimination organs.

Stress can be balanced out for example through meditation, autogenic training, reading a good book or a relaxing walk. Excessive exercise can be replaced by yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and stretching.

Discover the healthy balance between acids and bases for yourself, for "pleasure is in taking everything in moderation”. Low amounts of acids can be enjoyed if compensated with excess alkalinity. But you can and should balance out every excessive acidic pleasure with alkaline-generating foods and alkaline body care!

Eliminate all harmful things!

The diseases in modern society only develop because our naturally foreseen elimination organs are not capable of eliminating large amounts of acids, toxins and the neutral salts generated with the assistance of our body’s own minerals. Our body has no other option but to deposit toxins that cannot be eliminated. To regain or maintain health and beauty, "cleansing treatments” are recommended during which the acids and toxins are effectively eliminated with the help of the skin and mucous membranes, our other elimination organs, and which re-establish the acid-base equilibrium and successfully eliminate the deposited impurities.

Healthy compensating equalisers:

1 cup of coffee : 1 tsp. AlkaLife or a similar product + 1 glass of water

one small meal with meat : one large portion of vegetables or salad

excessive exercise : one alkaline full bath

one piece of cake : one alkaline footbath + 1 tsp. WurzelKraft or a similar product

    Life is all about     balance!
Tip for the daily diet

80% alkaline-generating foods

20% acid-generating foods and beverages

How can I cleanse myself successfully with as little effort as possible?

With the "triple jump to purification” for successful regeneration:
Purification means removing deposited impurities from the skin and mucous membranes, from the cells, tissues, glands, joints and organs of the body.
In three steps, purification has the following significance for our metabolism: 
  • impurity deposits are dissolved into their components
  • loosened acids and toxins are metabolized 
  • elimination occurs through the intestine, kidneys and mucous membranes

By both internally and externally carefully preparing for the "triple jump to purification” you can avoid any possible initial signs of excessively straining the body and the familiar initial worsening or healing crises. Perhaps you have already had a similar experience during fasting or during a cleansing or purification regimen. In order to successfully loosen, metabolize and eliminate years of deposited impurities without the usual discomfort the "triple jump to purification” must be carefully planned. This sensible preparation is all the more necessary the more contaminated, built-up or sensitive the body is.

The preparation consists of two important steps:

1. The body’s neutralizing and metabolizing potential is omni-molecularly optimized through a wholesome vegetarian diet and omni-molecular foods.

2. Alkaline body care allows many acids and toxins to be eliminated through the body’s fluids. This occurs with alkaline full baths and footbaths, with alkaline compresses, rinses, etc.

Don’t forget:

"The more acidic built up and sensitive the body is, the more careful you must prepare for the purification process!”

Dr. Jentschura is official supplier and consultant
for the Austrian Olympic Ski Team.

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