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Topic: Allergies

Author: Hansgunter, Specialist in Naturopathic Medicine, Germany

Dear Dr. Jentschura,

I am a general practitioner also specializing in naturopathic medicine and homeopathy. As promised, I would like to pass on to you two experiences of the "triple jump to purification" with WurzelKraft (AlkaLife), 7x7 KrauterTee (7x7 AlkaHerb) and MeineBase (AlkaBath).

A 27-year-old multi-allergic patient came to me with allergies to food, house dust and pollen. I initially prescribed him just one teaspoon of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) regularly twice a day, slowly increasing to one tablespoon twice a day.

He treated his often severe allergic reactions as needed with antiallergica and asthma sprays.

I was very concerned as WurzelKraft is made up of a large number of ingredients, around 10-12 of which contained elements he was unable to tolerate.

At the same time his diet was changed to roughly 70% raw food.

To my amazement, no negative allergic reactions to WurzelKraft occurred. The patient told me that a 200% improvement took place in respect of everything he ate and he now feels much better overall. Hansgunter

Specialist in naturopathic medicine

Topic: Cravings

Author: Leyla K., Edmonton Alberta Canada

Dear Stephan,

Since I started eating WurzelKraft my cravings are dissapearing. No more chocolate! I fought my cravings for years (and lost) and now they are just gone. What a relief!

Topic: Suppurated Teeth, Gum Inflammation

Author: Hansgunter, Specialist in Naturopathic Medicine, Germany

Dear Dr. Jentschura,

I am a general practitioner also specializing in naturopathic medicine and homeopathy. As promised, I would like to pass on to you two experiences of the "triple jump to purification" with WurzelKraft (AlkaLife), 7x7 KrauterTee (7x7 AlkaHerb) and MeineBase (AlkaBath).

This is me myself. I had four suppurated teeth and for six months had suffered from gum inflammations with ulceration and the development of fistulas.

I followed Dr. Jentschura's "triple jump to purification" with a half-hour alkaline bath with a peel beforehand, two small cups of 7x7 KrauterTee (7x7 AlkaHerb) and also one teaspoon of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) twice a day. It took about six weeks and the symptoms disappeared! I was unable to cope with a consistent diet of raw foods like my patient due to the sensitivity of my teeth. Hansgunter

Specialist in naturopathic medicine

Topic: Skin Disease - Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, Ulcus Cruris, etc.

Author: Virginia Grobe, Dermatology / Allergology, Kleve/Germany

Dear Peter,

As a dermatologist with 150 patients a day, I have had excellent experience of the P. Jentschura products.

In particular with chronic diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, ulcus cruris etc. "MeineBase", "WurzelKraft" and "7x7 KrauterTee" have been a help I could not have done without in my treatments. But all the other diseases too, such as nail or skin mycosis, dry eczema, herpes etc. can be treated more easily and quickly.

I can no longer imagine my daily practice without the P. Jentschura products. Virginia Grobe
Dermatology / Allergology

Topics: Vitality, SkinProblems, Stomach/Intestine Disease, Rheumatism, Neurological Maladies

Author: Michael Rother, Kneipp- & Vital-Hotel Rother, Uberlingen am Bodensee, Germany

Dearest Dr. Jentschura,

Last year we treated 373 patients according to the Jentschura therapy and have experienced excellent results with your products.

Besides the improvement of the general physical and psychical state the patients regained vitality and power.

We observed visible results in treating skin problems of all kind, diseases of the stomach and intestine as well as rheumatism. Even with people suffering from neurological maladies such as Parkinson we achieved positive results.

The simple way of integrating the Jentschura products and treatments in every-days- life contributes to the permanent cure and therapy result…….


Michael Rother

Kneipp- & Vital-Hotel Rother

Uberlingen am Bodensee, Germany

Topics: Body Care and Cleansing

Author: Dr. med. Michael Gabsdiehl, Germany

Dear Peter,

Your 7x7 KrauterTee (7x7 AlkaHerb), MeineBase (AlkaBath) and WurzelKraft (AlkaLife) are outstanding, stimulating and practical body cleansing and care products.

They care for our bodies both on the outside and on the inside, and lead to physical beauty, fitness and mental and spiritual balance.


Dr. med. Michael Gabsdiehl


Topics: Varicose Veins

Author: Sofia Lamparero, Mexico

The Peter Jentschura system helped me to improve my blood circulation. As well as the severe aesthetic problem, the veins on my legs were very painful. People who have varicose veins will know about this pain.

I now feel much better and I know that the accumulated toxins can be enormous and that improvement rakes place gradually. But it is for this very reason that I am ending you this letter, because it is very important to apply a bit of discipline. We need to remember that our diseases didn't just start from one day to the next. But fortunately we know about the Jentschura concept, and the rest is down to us. I often recommend Jentschura to other people, such as my husband, my sisters and my friends.

Sofia Lamparero, age 51, Mexico D.F.

Topics: Detox, Weight Loss, Stress

Author: Heidi Wykaert, age 34, Mexico DF

I started to use Jentschura products when a friend of mine, who works as a fashion magazine publisher, recommended them.

I am one of those people who will buy everything that sounds good, but the great thing about these German products is that I started using them to detox and reduce the pressure of stress. Yet I fell in love with them because I lost two dress sizes.

I didn't believe that would happen because it was explained to me as something much more modest. Like lots of other women I have tried lots of diets and odd things to lose weight. But none of that has ever worked to this extent.

I feel better, less tired and happy that I had to spend a lot of money – but only to buy some new trousers!

Heidi Wykaert, age 34, Mexico DF

Topics: Pregnancy, Purification

Author: Ana Luisa Font, age 31, Monterrey NL (Mex)

I am six months pregnant and have been using the Jentschura products for 9 months. I started with intensive purification because I was planning to get pregnant. The purification seemed to be a good precautionary approach, especially as there are cases of high blood pressure in my family, I am not particularly slim, my eating habits also weren't very good, I didn't take much exercise partly due to my work, and there were also a number of other circumstances.

I am enjoying a lovely pregnancy. I have put on no more weight than is normal, I haven't been sick, my hair hasn't got thinner, my teeth are perfect, my blood pressure is ideal and the best thing is that I haven't swollen up.

The only thing that has changed is that I have stopped drinking the tea and have increased my intake of WurzelKraft (AlkaLife).

I want to give my baby only the best, and I think it is a good start to give only the best to my body too.

Ana Luisa Font, age 31, Monterrey NL (Mex)

Topic: Infertility, Wounds

Author: S. Wilmes, age 44, Canada

We tried to get pregnant for little less than 2 years: nothing happened. Luckily we got to know Dr. Jentschura's products: WurzelKraft, 7x7 AlkaHerb Detox Tea and AlkaBath. And we really used them a lot. Pretty much everyday we took full baths. My wife loved the detox tea and I started to consume WurzelKraft in fair amounts. After about 6 month my wife got pregnant and now we just had our 3rd Baby…

Last summer I stepped into a big, rusty nail. It was hurting big time and I couldn't walk. In the evening I took a 90 min foot bath in AlkaBath. In the beginning of the bath my foot was hurting a lot, but at the end the pain was pretty much gone. Next morning I could walk again. For me that was quite a miracle! Thank you.

S. Wilmes, Canada

Topic: Parkinson's

Author: Paul Ciaravella - Nutrition Counsellor

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2008. Prior to that I was the healthiest male in the country mainly because I studied nutrition for 20 years. At the time I was active with soccer, baseball, track and field I have many gold medals to prove it.

However I still ended up with a nasty one. I have been working around the clock to find answers. Yes, I found organic foods. I discovered that the AlkaBath is another.

In just 5 weeks being with the AlkaBath using filtred water and 4 tablespoons in the tub I feel clean and ready to be like before Parkinson's. More vibrant. Everyone is noticing the difference. This is one of the answers that I found. Thank you Dr. Jentschura!

I look towards the future. Maybe there is a way out of this Parkinson's depression. I also wrote a book "Shaken But In Control", to increase awareness within Parkinson's and prevent this via proper diet. Avoid pesticides, cosmetics additives and so on. - Paul Ciaravella

Dr. Jentschura is official supplier and consultant
for the Austrian Olympic Ski Team.

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